Obama's Pushing His $10.10 for Some Federal Contract Workers: He announces just hours before tonight's State of the Union address.

The State of the Union Is at 6 pm Seattle Time: We'll be covering it here on Slog.

Ten Ways to Tackle Economic Inequality in This Country: John Cassidy at The New Yorker online put together a list. It includes nationalizing the public education system, abolishing private schools, eliminating legacy admissions to private universities, abolishing the payroll tax, institution a consumption tax, and establishing a guaranteed minimum income for households. These all sound crazy? They're not even new.

In Case You Missed It, This Is What Sharing Wealth Looks Like: Socialist Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant is donating all but $40,000 (after tax) of her $117,000 pay—the second highest city council pay in the nation—to a Solidarity Fund to help build social justice movements. Yep.

Farewell, Freedom Fighter: Pete Seeger has died at age 94. Here's a Mother Jones profile.

Hello, Lawsuits: Prince is suing 22 fans $1 million each for posting bootlegged material from his live concerts on their Facebook feeds.

The Latest in Egypt: Morsi in a glass cage at trial, bombs going off and a general killed on the streets.

Leaky Apps: Is your phone giving your data away while you play Angry Birds?

New Web Site Details Alleged Russian Corruption: Huge cost overruns and conflicts of interest related to hosting the Sochi Olympic Games.

Where Class and Cafe Culture Collide: Those seeing McDonald's as "the people's" cheaper Starbucks run into conflict with managers when they try to hang out.

Big Eye Is Covering Glass: The largest optical insurer will pay for Google Glass wear.

Where the Word "Thug" Comes From, Anyway: An adorably nerdy dictionary human writes.

Have You Ever Seen a Snow Roller Before?: I have not. Doesn't this sound like something the news made up? (Video.)