Gawker has a post today with a picture of a mom and a dad standing in front of a Donald Judd stack at London's Tate Modern. Their kid is lying on his (?) stomach on the first rung of the stack, his arms crossed under his head. The kid looks, I don't know, 7 or 8. Gawker calls it "crawling all over" the "$3 million" art.

Naturally, commenters are taking it as an opportunity either to hate on the kid, the parents, or the art.

As for me, I had no idea a Judd stack rung could bear the weight of a whole human being. The rungs are hollow boxes mounted so that they stick out uneasily from the wall. I like their physical strangeness compared to other sculptures that stand strong and solid. These are odd. Most people don't like them; Judds seem to absorb a pretty high percentage of the total kneejerk disdain dispensed to 20th-century art today. They seem targeted. So I feel sorry for them, I do, and no, I don't want to see one damaged, not at all.

But it's kind of humanizing to know somebody used one as his own personal little sleeper car. I guess that if it had to happen, I'd prefer it'd happened in some mansion rather than in a public museum.

Thanks for the tip, Mary!