I have a Killer Cold From Outer Space. And it's been kicking my ass since last Saturday. Like everybody and their mother [in Seattle] recommends, I've been eating many, many bowls of pho—mostly chicken or tofu. And I frickin' love pho. I really, really do! Yesterday, when I had a fever, I even dreamt I went swimming in a very large bathtub full of it.

  • Kelly O
I'm from the Midwest where cold weather and nasty colds are commonplace. Today with my fever gone, I was craving something heartier though—more like a glass of fizzy Vernors Ginger Ale, and a hot cup of my Aunt Roach's chicken and dumplings, yee ole Bisquick style. Since there's nowhere here to get such a weird thing—I went to Rancho Bravo for their chicken soup—for green pozole.

For a miserable cold, chicken pozole is better than chicken pho. There, I said it. For one, it's almost impossible to get a bowl of chicken pho for under $10 anymore. For two, Rancho Bravo's green chicken pozole is more "comfort-food-y"—the broth is fattier and richer and the chicken is more random and chunky, with both dark and white meat. It comes out piping hot, and for only $4.95 for a large cup, you also get a side of cilantro, radish, and three warm corn tortillas.

As my Aunt would say, "$4.95?!? You can't beat that with a sharp stick."