Seahawks Win Silver Medal: Seattlish points out that Nate Silver thinks the Seahawks will narrowly win the Super Bowl.

Google Wins at Business: Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo for a little under 3 billion dollars. Google bought Motorola for 12.5 billion a couple years ago.

Author Doesn't Want Credit for Noticing Black Person: Gawker's Hamilton Nolan notices that the authorship of the terrible XO Jane yoga post changed, presumably to protect the real author from backlash. For the record, it seems that Jen Polachek was probably the author.

Bring Tissues: It's the new trailer for the film adaptation of the John Green novel The Fault In Our Stars. Tumblr is losing its mind right now:

All Right, Who Stole the Pope's Blood? "The Catholic Church has appealed to thieves to return a reliquary containing the blood of the late Pope John Paul II that disappeared in what it called a 'vile and sacrilegious theft'."

Much Ado About @n-othing: The story of the man who had the Twitter handle @n extorted from him should be a warning for anyone who uses the internet. Your shit is not secure. (Also, if you have a single-letter Twitter handle, people will apparently try to steal it from you all the time.)

Suck It, Ketchup: America's favorite condiment is mayonnaise.

"GET THE FUCK OUTTA YOUR TRUCK" This asshole gives higher primates a bad name: