Stem Cell Breakthrough: A cheap and easy way to turn back the clock on adult mice cells is discovered.

Boeing's Big Profits: Just a short-lived strong end to 2013?

The Fact Check: On last night's State of the Union speech. And in case you missed it, here's the full text.

Who Is Cory Remsburg?: The Army Ranger who got the most applause and Twitter love from the SOTU last night.

But What Was All the Applause for Cory Remsburg Really About?: Whatever it was, Amy Davidson writes, "it can’t be mistaken for an actual accounting of the war that took so much away from Remsburg; it is not an answer to the ghosts of future wars."

Grimm Context: Background on the man who told a reporter last night, "I will break you in half."

College Athletes Move Toward Unionizing: A group of Northwestern football players are petitioning the National Labor Relations Board.

Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay Are the Only Latin American Countries Where Gay Marriage Is Legal: But let's look at Mexico.

A Letter by One of the Many Al Jazeera Journalists: Who are jailed in Egypt.

Girls Court: A special court only for girls in Alameda County.

The Internet Is Solving a 20-Year-old Family Mystery: Involving code and a dying grandma.

There's Snow in the South: And people are stranded.

The Two Quarterbacks: Peyton, Russell, narrative.

The "Fragile Five": Countries with the shakiest, most dependent emerging markets.

From Mexico to Canada in seven minutes, via Metafilter.