Hello! Did you know that Phil Yu, founder of the awesome blog Angry Asian Man, is speaking at the Ethnic Cultural Theater in the University District tonight? It's true! It's a free reading and everything. I love Angry Asian Man, and I think Yu writes brilliantly about race. Unfortunately, the event almost didn't make it into The Stranger's readings calendar because, well, nobody told me about it. I learned about it on Twitter today.

So, listen, here's the thing: If you're hosting a reading or lecture, you need to tell The Stranger about it, preferably a couple weeks in advance, by e-mailing us at readings@thestranger.com. If we don't know about it, we can't tell our readers about it. The Stranger has—by far—the best and most comprehensive literary events calendar in the region. We want to include your event. But we can't include your event unless we know about your event.

Kafka is only one of your options for a gloomy Thursday night.
  • Kafka is only one of your options for a gloomy Thursday night.

Since we're talking about reading events, let's discuss some of the other readings happening tonight. Stranger Genius Maged Zaher reads at the Margin Shift poetry reading at about the same time that Stranger Genius Rebecca Brown leads a fun-looking investigation of Kafka at the Hugo House. It's a bummer that you have to choose between Geniuses. Also, poet Sophie Cabot Black reads at Elliott Bay Book Company tonight. You can find some of her poems here. To learn about everything that's happening for the foreseeable future, please visit the readings calendar, which is as complete as we can humanly make it.