A non-tragic gun story for a change. But stupid, naughty child!

A seven-year-old boy who brought his mother’s handgun to Inglewood Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon will not be charged by Metro Police.

The unnamed first grader showed the trigger-locked .22 caliber pistol to a classmate who then told a teacher about it, a Metro Nashville Police Department release said.

The gun was confiscated from the student’s backpack that afternoon. The boy was allowed to go home with his mother because of his age, police said.

His mother was not aware her son had taken the handgun and was “clearly angered” by what had happened.

On the bright side, the gun was trigger-locked. So no tragedy. Any gun owner with young children in the house who doesn't lock or secure their firearms is an idiot. On the other hand, if the boy's mother is angry, it should be at herself, for the leaving the gun where her 7-year-old could find it. She's to blame. And the thought that the 7-year-old might have been charged is utterly ridiculous.

As Charles mentioned earlier, this is exactly what 7-year-old's do when they find a gun. It's not the kids' fault, it's the adults around them.