Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch arrives on Delta flight 8872 charter Boeing 767-300 plane at Newark Liberty International Airport for the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football

If you're like me, Slog has always been your number one source for sports coverage and analysis—and Super Bowl weekend is no different! So as the only straight man on staff who is neither out of town nor totally indifferent, I will be live-Slogging Super Bowl XLVIII from a crowded couch at my ex-wife's sister's Super Bowl party, where my ex-in-laws will no doubt mercilessly taunt me about my beloved Philadelphia Eagles as I struggle to be a good sport and root for their miserable-mangey looking birds. I mean, your miserable mangey-looking birds. That's how much I love you and my adopted city, dear readers.

Okay, maybe that's not such a great pitch. But here's the point: I'm going to be miserable no matter who wins, so you get to jump into the threads and taunt the fuck out of me! Gloat if the Seahawks win, and take your anguish out on me if they lose. Or, just talk about the game if you choose.

I'll be posting before, during, and after the game, regardless of the outcome, getting drunker and drunker as the day goes on. Come and join me!