You can see Miwa Matreyek's animated performance at Cornish College of the Arts tonight. Matreyek is an LA-based artist, animator, and performer who started out making collages, and ended up interacting live onstage with her own projected creations. The video above shows an excerpt from Myth and Infrastructure, a 30-minute piece she created and performed in a TED talk in 2010. That's the piece she'll do at Cornish, where she's also speaking to students during the day today.

Matreyek is visiting Seattle under the auspices of a new program at Cornish called iETi (pronounced "yeti"), led by video artist Bob Campbell and musician Jarrad Powell. The acronym stands for The Institute of Emergent Technology + Intermedia. It supports students working in new media and across mediums by providing residencies to artists (like The Pendleton House), setting up mentorships, and bringing visiting artists to the school.

If you're interested in Matreyek's work, you should also know about Seattle artists Susie Lee, who five years ago hired a programmer to invent software she could use to draw on a dancer's body during live performance, and Wynne Greenwood, who brought together video, performance, drawing on her own skin, the baby cartoon character Pebbles, the naked Korean women's spa in Tacoma, and the Frye Art Museum in 2012. I admit I've only seen a part of Myth and Infrastructure and only on video, but it feels somewhat conceptually blank compared to the work of artists like Lee and Greenwood. I'm very possibly selling it short, so see for yourself tonight at 7.

Speaking of technology, performance, and visuals, look how far we've come. (How many times did I have to see Mummenschanz at The Egg in Albany as a child? WHY DID WE HAVE TO GO SO MANY TIMES? At least I had my friend The Egg.)

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