• Courtesy Good/Bad Art Collective

To celebrate its tenth year, the posh Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas organized Xchange, peppering the city of Dallas with a bunch of public sculptures by famous artists including Ugo Rondinone, Alfredo Jaar, Liz Larner, and Rachel Harrison. They also picked Good/Bad Art Collective, a little ragtag band of artist-musicians who were cool, fun, and experimental way before any of those art-fair-circuit people were making headlines, and who did it all in the little town of Denton, Texas, 30 minutes outside of Dallas.

The collective included a good man named Chris Weber, who now lives in Seattle; here's a nice recent interview with Weber done in Dallas. You'll probably recognize him. He's never quite centered in any spotlight, but pull back the curtains on something you love—a certain Bumbershoot project, or the McLeod Residence—and there he is.

I have special affection for the Good/Bad—now defunct, reuniting for the Nasher— because I lived in Denton in their early years in the 1990s. They smashed together music, art, and installation in the spirit of whatever oddity entertained them. They worked in a town where the people who paid attention to new art and music really paid attention.

Their piece for the Nasher, called FOREVER, culminates in a late-night TV spot that will air as if it were an infomercial. It's 28 minutes long. It includes a man in a white suit whittling a walking stick and talking about philosophy. Intermittently, he has a headache that makes him put on sunglasses, which become screens for tiny reflected people to dance around on. The set that surrounds him is TV color bars translated into curtains. A toll-free number appears at the end for you to call. Trailer:

FOREVER Trailer from Jason Reimer on Vimeo.

There aren't broadcast times in Seattle yet—calling Nancy Guppy and the ArtZone people. Dallas broadcast times, according to the press release, are 3 am Feb 7 on KTXA Channel 21 and 1:30 am Feb 8 on WFAA 8. Gotta love infomercial hours.