Back in 1974, one of the closest football teams people in Seattle had to root for was the San Francisco 49ers. (Boooo!) So, Governor Dan Evans wrote a letter to Pete Rozelle, Commissioner of the National Football League:

My purpose in writing you is to let you know how anxious the State of Washington is to be awarded a franchise at the earliest possible time, which we would hope to be the season beginning in the fall of 1975. The very excellent facility built by King County will be ready by that time, and its uniqueness will contribute to the crowds that the NFL already can expect to attract in a region where there is a tradition of strong fan support.

It should be added that the economic outlook for the State and the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett area is excellent and can be expected to become progressively stronger as trade with the Far East and Alaska continues its dramatic growth. In short, we have everything going for us except the franchise, and I hope that that will be corrected at your meeting next week.

Rozelle sent a letter back, the NFL awarded Seattle a team a few weeks later, both letters were promptly filed away in the state archives, and the rest is history—including the fate of that "very excellent facility built by King County." (Action begins at around 5:00.)