Miles Klee at the Daily Dot writes:

Proving once again that they have sensible priorities in addition to the moral high ground, conservatives against same-sex marriage are using social media to threaten Mia Talerico, a 5-year-old Disney star—in some cases with gruesome death. Violent Instagram messages from one particularly deranged individual have prompted an official police investigation.

Talerico’s offense, it turns out, lies in playing the eponymous lead on the Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie, which recently became the first sitcom on that network to introduce a gay couple into its cast of characters.

What is the thought process here? "I want to protect children from gay propaganda, so I'm going to threaten the life of this five-year-old actor?" Or is it more like "Jesus is telling me that Mia Talerico is the Antichrist?" No rational mind can be behind this kind of action, can it?