And speaking of guns, you know that story yesterday about the 3-year-old who shot his 17-month-old sister? Well, in case you think it's just illiterate idiot hillbillies who leave their guns out in reach of their toddlers, it turns out the children's father is a "parenting columnist":

The 17-month-old daughter of a North Carolina parenting columnist is expected to recover after her 3-year-old brother shot her with his father’s gun.

... Justin Carper, who is a youth church leader and writes an unpaid parenting column for the Shelby Star, said that he never imagined that his son could have climbed on a stool and and then taken the gun from a “secret compartment” on top of his dresser.

Watch out, Charles—I think The Stranger may have found our next Parenting Issues Editor!


As of Friday, no charges had been filed against the father.

“We’re compiling the case and will present the case to the D.A. to determine if any charges will be filed for failure to secure a firearm,” Sheriff’s Capt. Shores noted.

“Regardless of the outcome, the parents have been punished more than any criminal justice system can do to them by this happening.”

No, I think throwing Carper in jail for a year would substantively add to the punishment, and perhaps deter others from being so careless. At the very least, a felony conviction would bar Carper from owning a gun, making both his family and society safer.