We're running late to the petting zoo, and we haven't even picked up the balloons yet, but we're stopping for pizza. "I need to put a slice on top of this," Bobbi Rich announces, referring to herself, abruptly pulling over at Hot Mama's on Pine. Rich is a local DJ, entertainer, producer, and creator of the wildly excellent musical variety show Hangin Tuff. This is just a pit stop on our way to Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah for a photo shoot. I wait in her giant red truck and watch the building next to Linda's get torn down. Wendell Austin's "LSD (Made a Wreck of Me)" plays on a country and western mix made special for this excursion.

The destination was her idea—I had asked Rich if she had any thoughts on where our photographer Kelly O could snap her portrait for this piece. Someone's house or a neighborhood is a typical response. But Rich excitedly e-mailed us back with some options ("The Tea Room, Hula Hula, XXX Root Beer Drive-In... Urban Light Studios has a western log cabin room? Or maybe a loaded knickknack-filled antique mall?") before deciding to book us some time at the first place she could find with "a mini horse and some fuzzies to pet." Rich is really good at crazy ideas, and of course we're absolutely game. When she pulled up at The Stranger dressed in head-to-toe desert cowgirl—fringed white boots, turquoise and silver on her fingers, a white hat—I didn't know what we were getting ourselves into, but I do know that I really like a girl with a can of orange Silly String rolling around the floor of her pickup.

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