Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now that the documentary Mitt proves that Romney is human, a few Republicans have it in their heads that he should run for president. Again.

You know what you’re getting with Mitt Romney,” says Jack Pitney, Professor of Politics at Claremont-McKenna College. “The other candidates are question marks.” Watching Christie get waylaid by scandal and other promising contenders like Florida Senator Marco Rubio getting sidelined by the Tea Party “contributes to some of the Romney rumbles,” says Pitney. “Some of the rising stars are going into eclipse, and who knows who’ll be next.”

With Romney, there would be no new surprises. “Any bombshells would have exploded,” says Pitney. “We know about Bain and his reversals on the issues.”

This will of course go nowhere, but the campaign slogan "You know what you're getting with Mitt Romney" does have a certain appeal. And Chris Christie's dramatic decline has left the Republicans without a single non-Bush rising star. I would love to see a small-but-vocal "draft Romney" element pushing at the fringes of the Republican Party over the next year or two.