Some of the artists of Genre Bender.
  • Some of the artists of "Genre Bender."

Looking for a little question mark in your weekend? A dash of surprise? Consider Genre Bender, curated by Stranger Genius Award-winning designer Jennifer Zeyl, which involves "kicking artists out of their comfort zones," pairing them up, and seeing what happens. The first Genre Bender was part of the City Arts festival in 2011.

We have no idea what those artists are going to do, but many of those them are well-loved over here at The Stranger: actor Marya Sea Kaminski (who has a Genius Award of her own), designer Mark Mitchell (most recently of the Frye's Burial fame), writer and multi-instrumentalist (with an emphasis on trumpet) Ahamefule Oulo, dancer and choreographer Ezra Dickinson, drummer/writer/all-around wild man Trent Moorman, producer Lusine, and bunches of others.

It all goes down at the Cornish Playhouse (the theater formerly known as Intiman). You can buy tickets here. Or, if you retweet the tweet we're about to tweet right now below, you might win free tickets to Sunday's show.