Sid Caesar: The Your Show of Shows featured performer is dead, at age 91.

Derek Jeter: The baseball player announced that he's retiring after one more season.

Can Wendy Davis Have It All? That's what the stupid, stupid cover of the New York Times Magazine wants to know.

Should Hillary Clinton Win It All? MSNBC host Krystal Ball doesn't think Clinton should run for president.

Destroying Books Is Never a Good Idea: But sometimes it happens anyway:

Penguin Books India has recalled and plans to destroy all copies of The Hindus: An Alternative History by Wendy Doniger, in order to settle a lawsuit brought about by a Hindu nationalist group that claimed the religion was misrepresented by the book. According to reports, the book over-eroticizes the religion. In exchange for pulling the 2009 book from shelves, the group has agreed to drop all lawsuits against Penguin.

Where's the Wonder Woman Movie, DC? Marvel is working on producing a Black Widow movie.

Who Doesn't Enjoy Apples and Television? Apple may announce their new set-top box by April of this year, according to Bloomberg.

Let's Hope It Doesn't Suck: Darren Aronofsky's cut of Noah will be the one that plays in theaters. For a while there, it looked like the studio was going to release their own cut, which never works out very well.