Over the last week or so, GIFs of the Evolution Door have been making their way around the internet. And, yes, I admit it looks cool:

It's always interesting to see an everyday object re-imagined in a completely different way. And I expect that some rich people will start installing these doors in their homes. But come on. Doors are as ubiquitous as they are because doors work. And if doors don't work, you can take them off the hinges easily (or find alternate paths through.) But if one of those panels goes off its casters—or however it works, I'm not a door doctor, goddamnit—you're pretty much stuck. And if you were careless, or, say, drunk, and you made a wrong move, it could take your fucking finger clean off! Jesus, internet. You've already got doors. All the doors you'll ever need. Doors are amazing! Be satisfied with what you've got for once.