The last time Mitt Romney had an opinion about the Olympics, he got made fun of by basically everyone in London. But I guess a fear of mockery never stopped Mitt Romney before.

So! Now, in USA Today, Mitt Romney wrote an editorial complaining about the waste of the Olympics. He recommends a budget cap on future games. And why? Because governments spend too much on the Olympics. Which, of course, leads to the question:

Why do governments spend so much?

Public-sector inefficiency accounts for some of the gap, and corruption is surely to blame as well. But the big difference is that government personalities are promoting themselves and their country with someone else's money.

You've got to be fucking kidding me. I was at the Republican National Convention in 2012, and I'm pretty sure that the fact that Romney "saved" the Salt Lake City Olympics was mentioned more often than the fact that Romney was governor of Massachusetts. What a crock of do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do bullshit this is.

In addition, Philip Bump at the Atlantic Wire points out that Mitt Romney's Salt Lake City Olympics cost more than the budget cap he proposes in his editorial. This is prime Romney: It's fine when he does it (Massachusetts's health care plan) but when someone else does more or less the same thing (Obamacare), it's an unconscionable waste. Why can't Romney just go away? Why does he keep floating around like this? If he hates politics as much as he claimed while he was running for office, why doesn't he just go and be a private citizen? At least when he was running for president, he had the claim of a higher calling. Is he now feeling that same higher calling to write pissy editorials that do nothing but subconsciously reveal Romney's deep sense of self-loathing?