One of the things I admire about Ada's Technical Books is the way they're willing to re-imagine what a bookstore can be. They're a highly specialized neighborhood bookstore that somehow manages to welcome a general-interest audience; if you told me five years ago that a science and engineering specialty bookstore would be packed to the rafters with happy couples, families, and book clubs, I'd've called you crazy. And now Ada's is opening up a space for coworking, as revealed by Alex Bernson at

In our interview, [Ada's co-owner] David [Hulton] talked to me about the exploding hacker space movement in Seattle, how 10 or more separate “clubs for nerds” (as he called them) have sprouted up all over the city. Though he didn’t say it in as many words, it seems to me that the goal with Ada’s is to create a more public, general purpose functional space in the vein of these hacker spaces. To create a space oriented in every facet towards a curious, technically engaged mindset, and full of the prerequisites for creating not just projects and ideas, but a real sense of community.

The space should be opening in the summer. If you're interested in learning more about the program, Ada's has opened up an online form to pre-apply. I think this is a great idea. People are already camped out in the store at all hours; this coworking space, besides being an interesting revenue stream for a bookstore, will make Ada's even more of a destination.