...because Warren Throckmorton keeps finding new ways in which Driscoll uses Jones's uncredited work. In the book One or Two: Seeing a World of Difference, Jones coins the terms "one-ism" and "two-ism," which are used to describe the way a person relates to God and the universe. Without crediting Jones, Driscoll picked up the torch of one-ism and two-ism and just kept running:

Without citation of Jones’ books, Driscoll refers to one-ism and two-ism on the Mars Hill and Resurgence websites. He also covers the same material in his 2011 book with Gerry Breshears, Doctrine. While he refers to conversations and audio of Jones in Doctrine, for some reason, Driscoll fails to cite sources which would make clear that Jones’ coined the terms and developed the concepts.

Yes. Driscoll doesn't credit Jones "for some reason." I wonder what reason that could be? And are there any other Christian authors who Driscoll loves as much as he obviously loves Peter Jones? If there are, I bet we'll find out about them soon enough. When a writer gets caught in this kind of a plagiarism scandal, there's always an army of avid Googlers out there on the internet, just waiting to cut and paste everything he writes into a search engine to see if it comes from somewhere else.