Zebra Katz
  • Courtesy 'Mo-Wave
  • Don't miss Zebra Katz at 'Mo-Wave 2014!

Welcome to year two of the fantastic 'Mo-Wave queer music and arts festival (do read my interview with 'Mo-Wave founders last year)! The dates are April 12 and 13, circle them now with your best glitter pen.

'MO-WAVE '14 LINEUP (so far):
Christeene (Austin, Tx), Zebra Katz (NYC), Justin Bond (NYC), Carletta Sue Kay (SF), Belles Bent For Leather (all- female Judas Priest tribute by AC/DC tribute Hells Belles), CZARL1NG (Oly—featuring members of the Need, Brokenwater, GrassWidow), Ononos, Tacocat (conflict of interest, this is my band), Dust Moth, Boy Funk (PDX), NightCadet, Spear and the Magic Helmet (PDX—Gits tribute band Featuring Marci from Team Dresch, L'Orth, Hypnotits (PDX), Death Metals, Palo Verde (PDX), Half Breed, and MORE to be announced soon.

Uh, so do you know who Christeene is? DO YOU? Christeene is a person I once saw play a freaky drag/dance/nasty rock show a few years back in Austin. She was wearing a pillowcase as a dress (you just need to cut a few holes I guess), and throughout her set I saw more of her um, entire butt hole, than probably any other human being. It was incredible. Highly recommended.

'Mo-Wave tickets will go on sale Feb. 17 @ 10 a.m. at stangertickets.com // $15 single-day ADV, $18 single-day DOS, $40 three-day pass.