Standing in the Way: Activists blocked a Microsoft van on Monday. (Brendan Kiley had feelings about that, and so did Dominic.) Activists blocked the SLUT on Tuesday. (Brendan had feelings about that, and so did Charles Mudede.) And for the rest of the week, activists rested.

Sitting in the Way: Fixing the tunnel boring machine will take months. Why won't the state tell us how far behind it is?

BEAST MODE: Ansel Herz says you could get blown up by an exploding coal train while watching the Seahawks.

Instagramming Nazis: Dan Savage takes on anti-gay Russian neo-Nazis who use social media.

The Rent Is Too Damn High: And Dominic Holden wants you to know some stuff about that.

Give the Homeless Lockers: Sally Bagshaw and Bruce Harrell propose a new plan to help homeless people.

So Much for Mayor Comcast? Ed Murray has some strong words about the Comcast/Time Warner merger.

Sam I Am: Dan Savage became a Michael Sam fan on Monday. Sam made Jen Graves think about the Hulk.

Go Get ZAPPed: Today is the last day to visit the biggest zine library in maybe the whole world for the foreseeable future. Tomorrow, ZAPP officials will go on Hollow Earth Radio to talk about ZAPP's past, present, and future.

The Question of Our Age: "How do I eat this fucking burrito?"