Stopping the Northwest Coal And Oil Train Bonanza: Climate activist Bill McKibben explains how President Obama could stop the madness with a stroke of his pen...

The president could be doing plenty. He could be making it harder, not easier, for the oil industry. He could be not opening up the Arctic to oil drilling. He could be not opening up big swaths of offshore continental slope U.S. for oil drilling. He could close down, instead of continuing to open up more of, the Powder River Basin for coal mining. Here’s a really important one. These are all important, but the coal industry is trying to build a bunch of massive ports in the Pacific Northwest in order to export coal off to Asia, where it will do just as much damage, obviously, to the climate as if it was burned here. The federal government has not forced those companies to include the climate effects of those projects in their environmental assessments. All they’re looking at is narrow questions of what will happen very close to the ports themselves. The federal government could do that in a minute, and if they did, those ports would never be built.

Holy Crap: A new law in Kansas "gives the full backing of the law to any restaurant or bar-owner who puts up a sign that says 'No Gays Served.'"

We're A Long Way From Kansas, Thankfully: A bill to outlaw attempts by healthcare providers to "convert" gay people has cleared the Washington state House.

The Death of Jordan Davis (Travyon Martin Redux): Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams nails it—the structural racism at play, the prison-industrial complex, and more—in this interview: "We have to keep fighting to be seen as human beings."

800-Pound Snowball Runs Amok at Portland College: How long before we're trampled underfoot by giant snowmen who escape the control of their creators? Cautionary tale, folks.

Blow to Unions: Tennessee workers at a Volkswagen factory voted against unionizing with the United Auto Workers, after a misleading but successful campaign by right-wing politicians blaming unions for the country's economic woes.

Violence In the Central African Republic:

Thousands of Muslims who tried to flee the violence in the Central African Republic’s capital were turned back by peacekeepers on Friday, as crowds of Christians shouted, 'We’re going to kill you all!'"
That is some lede from the Associated Press. Christ.

Remember that god-awful Daily Show interview with Nancy Pelosi from last week where she claimed Democrats aren't corrupt? Jon Stewart responds: