Shame, America.

Paying for College Over the Long-Term: A new state bill would allow students to avoid paying for college up front. Instead, it would have them put a tiny percentage of their working income post-graduation towards college every year. Which sounds like a good idea as a stopgap measure, as long as it doesn't become an excuse to fund higher education.

Fuck the NBA: The league's new commissioner is downplaying prospects of a franchise expansion. "2014 does not look to be a year for serious NBA talks in the Emerald City," says the AP.

Militants Attack Polio Health Workers in Pakistan: The CIA organized a fake polio vaccination campaign to capture Osama bin Laden, sacrificing public health in Pakistan for its own objectives, and efforts to fight polio have never been seen the same way since.

Protests Continue in Bahrain: Bahrain is a close US ally, and unlike Iran, where any repression of protesters gets ample media attention, Bahrain's brutal clampdown since a 2011 uprising has gone largely unnoticed.

Hackers Hit Kickstarter: No stolen credit card info, the site says, but hackers made off with emails, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and passwords.

Homeless Hungarian Wins Lottery: Now he's paying off his debts and donating to homeless shelters. "I have become rich but I have not become a different person," he tells The Guardian.

Human Rights Violations at the Olympics: Really, they're a tradition.

A little late for Valentine's Day, I know, but this is timeless: