Michael Dunn Compares Himself to a Rape Victim: This fucking guy isn't doing himself any favors, I tell you what.

Jeopardy! and Racism If you saw a more depressing picture than this today, I want you to keep it to yourself.

"Let's Bury I-5" The Northwest Urbanist floats an idea to cap the highway downtown. It'll never happen, but man it's great to think about, isn't it?

"You want to serve my baked goods after your church?" Neil Steinberg imagines a bakery that discriminates against Christians.

Talk to Her: Spike Jonze and Emily Maitlis have a very uncomfortable conversation about Her.

Maitlis later calls Her a " Sad, male fetish fantasy of disembodied female who does his bidding." I think she missed the point of it, but then I'm a sad male. What about you?