Dozens Killed in Ukraine Protests: Fires are burning around Kiev after at least 25 were killed and 241 injured within the last day, when the Ukranian government deployed officers in riot gear to brutally quash demonstrations that have ignited after months of occupation in Independence Square, marking the largest uprising since the former Soviet republic gained sovereignty. The target is Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, who made a blinkered decision to refuse trade-deals with the European Union and thus deny the nation passage into contemporary world affairs. The dissidents are setting ablaze moats of burning tires and furniture to stave off police, and they have now seized the central post office in Kiev, throwing fire bombs and rocks at officers to hold their ground. Officers fired stun grenades, water cannons, and rubber bullets. Russian President Vladimir Putin—who was behind a $15 billion bailout that helped persuade Yanukovich to reject the EU deal—calls this a coup while the Ukrainian government is considering anti-terrorism measures against the protesters. But the White House is asking Yanukovich to pull back riot police, EU leaders call it the "unjustified use of excessive force" and are now threatening sanctions. France president Francois Hollande says the violence against protesters is "unspeakable, unacceptable, intolerable."

Federal Wage Hike Is a Jerb Killah: Get used to that talking point from Republicans now that a federal government's Central Budget Office issued a report that says raising the minimum wage nationwide to $10.10 would lift 900,000 Americans from poverty but also nix 500,000 jobs. But the CBO concedes this is a blunt tool—it says the job losses could be anywhere from very slight to a million, which Democrats seize as proof that the CBO is wrong (and to say that contemporary academic research finds raising the minimum wage ain't so bad for jobs).

Radical Nun: The 84-year-old woman is being has been sentenced to 35 months in prison for protesting a nuclear facility in Tennessee. Her comments to the judge?

"Please have no leniency with me," Sister Rice told the judge in her closing statement. "To remain in prison for the rest of my life would be the greatest gift you could give me."

Build the Keystone Pipeline: That's the expected message from Canada's prime minister to President Obama when they meet in Mexico today.

Stoned Driving: It's not safe, but evidence shows it's less dangerous than drunk driving!

Mayor Delivers Grand Vision for a City of Work Groups, Task Forces: Anna Minard on Ed Murray's first State of the City speech.

Seattle Supports a New Way to Raise Taxes for Parks: Goldy has the story on a new poll.

In Obviously Pointless forms of Demonstration: A mother who spotted provocative, indecent t-shirts has decided to show those manufacturers who's boss—or something?—by buying every single t-shirt. Then she may return them? At least she's not as stupid as...

This Idiot Piece of Shit: A pedestrian allegedly punched a cyclist on Capitol Hill—why? “This is what you get for riding on the sidewalk,” the pedestrian reportedly said. Riding safely on the sidewalk is just as legal in Seattle as walking safely on the sidewalk.