Over at Red State, Aaron Gardner says that, unlike most conservatives, he's okay with gay Republican group GOProud attending this year's Conservative Political Action Committee conference. "In fact," Aaron magnanimously huffs, "I will go so far as to say that I wouldn’t even mind if they were allowed to be sponsors."

This is a fairly bold statement to be making on Red State, which is one of the more conservative of the popular conservative sites. But Gardner quickly clears up any concern that he's suddenly okay with gay people being treated like they're people: "The truth of the matter is that CPAC is no longer an event that advances movement conservatism." He continues:

For a long time CPAC represented the [Ronald Reagan conservative] cause and was independent and flourished. Unfortunately, we are now at a point where CPAC represents the [Republican Party] mechanism more than the cause.

And this, more than anything, is why any relationship between GOProud and CPAC means so little to me. Why should I care about a spat between two different groups that don’t even appeal to my motivations in politics?

While the internet is full of angry Republicans who are shaking their fists about GOProud, Gardner stands tall, away from the herd, an Ayn Rand-ian hero. The gays can have their stupid conference, Gardner sneers. He didn't even like that stupid conference anyway. Somewhere, Ronald Reagan smiles. An eagle shrieks in victory. America!