A Precarious Deal in Ukraine: With at least 75 protesters dead, loyalists to Viktor Yanukovich have signed a deal with opposition members in the Ukrainian Parliament. It would require elections by this December and implement a constitution that reduces presidential powers. But what about the protesters?

“This has still got to win support on the street, which might be something of a challenge in practice,” Tim Ash, chief emerging-market economist at Standard Bank Group Ltd. in London, said by e-mail. “Many challenges still lie ahead in Ukraine, and this agreement could still very easily collapse.”

Photos! Burgers! Sex! Protesters picketed outside major fast food chains, where demonstrators called for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle. PICTURES OF ACTIVISTS IN HATS: RIGHT HERE. (PS — No sex.)

Yes, We Agree That Meth Is Dangerous and Addictive: But the anti-meth hysteria—which portrays any use of meth as feverishly addictive, always destructive, and inherently deadly—created by government and mainstream media is overblown, just like the crack scare before it.

New Federal Budget: President Obama will propose a budget that includes $56 billion for neat stuff like job training, early-childhood education, and other domestic programs.

True Southern Gentlemen: "[T]hree students, all white males, had figured prominently in the investigation into the defacement of a campus statue honoring James Meredith, the school's first black student. A noose and a flag showing the 'stars and bars' of the Confederacy were draped over the statue early Sunday morning."

Reversing Discipline in Police Misconduct Case: Joel Connelly at Seattlepi.com asks if this is, "A slap at the public?"

What the heck is going on here? Does the SPD’s promise to do things differently include an unspoken agreement to excuse past sins, and rid the department of those who would punish sins past?

YOU CANNOT GET ENOUGH PUSSY RIOT: They're driving these assholes crazy—because, like yesterday, they remain the best thing in the world: