This Is A Fun Read: "Everything [Marco] Rubio touches has turned to shit."

The Guardian On the Importance of Sea-Tac: The British newspaper calls it "the small US town that sparked a new movement against low wages," and says San Francisco, New York City, and Seattle are "places to watch."

Thriving Cities Have Higher Levels of Income Inequality: Alan Berube, a researcher for the Brookings Institution who previously wrote about suburban poverty in the Seattle-Metro area, points out in a new report that growth in those same cities has come with widening gaps between rich and poor, while smaller, less dynamic cities like Columbus or Wichita are more egalitarian.

Top Drug Kingpin Captured: Joaquin Guzman, who presided over arguably the most powerful drug gang in the world, was arrested at a beach resort in Mexico. But watch out—last time he was caught, he escaped from a maximum security prison in a laundry truck.

Some Much-Needed Perspective on Protests in Venezuela: There's a tendency now to associate every surge in street protests with positive, progressive change. But the demonstrations in Venezuela are largely an expression of the right-wing Venezuelan elite's desire to return to power. Every country is different.

Did A US Drone Strike in Yemen Kill Terrorists or Civilians? The Pentagon says the casualties were Al Qaeda members. Human Rights Watch says that's laughable and is calling for a transparent investigation.

UW Athletics Profits Are Way Up: And it could easily pay for itself. But it still gets subsidies from the school, thanks to an arcane 25-year-old law.

Michael Sam: "I just wish you guys would see me as Michael Sam the football player, instead of Michael Sam the gay football player.”

Still Not Post-Racial: White dudes run the media.

RIP Nujabes, who died in a car crash four years ago this week: