This show will be getting day-of-show Slog hype from the forthcoming Stranger Suggests, but I wanted to get an early heads-up out into the Slogosphere for those who, you know, "plan" their "lives."

James Judd is the acclaimed NYC storyteller who regularly appears on NPR’s Snap Judgment. He’s also one of the many victims of Dean Faiello, the handsome, charismatic, drugged-up con artist who posed as a Manhattan dermatologist until he killed one of his patients, stuffed her in a suitcase, and became a tabloid sensation, eventually landing a 20-year sentence in Attica. (Read Vanity Fair's splashy take on the saga here!) Two years ago, Judd and Faiello reconnected through letters, which led to a face-to-face meeting in prison, which led to Judd telling this whole amazing story in “Killer Quack,” presented as part of Theatre Off Jackson’s Solo Performance Festival.

Full show info here.