Mike Judge's new series for HBO, Silicon Valley, looks like a funny little hand grenade of a show aimed at our cultish devotion to tech entrepreneurship. Here's a trailer:

I'll follow Mike Judge anywhere. He's one of the sharpest satirical minds in Hollywood today. Except Silicon Valley is airing on HBO, and the only way to get HBO is to sign up for cable and then pay extra for HBO. I'm willing to pay for digital television, as long as that TV doesn't come loaded down with commercials. And I'm not willing to pay for a bunch of stations—Fox News, all the sports networks—that I'm not interested in, so cable is out. Which means I'm probably going to be watching Silicon Valley (and True Detective, and the third season of Girls) a year or so after it airs. Television works best when it's immediate, when it's part of a conversation. HBO apparently doesn't understand that. But enough about me: Where do you stand on this?