Ha Ha Ha: Only one Republican gained in Iowa polls in the last few months. Who is it?

Ted Cruz is the only [prospective Republican presidential candidate] whose favorability has notably improved since the summer. He was at 27/12 then, and that's now up to 40/14.

The guy who's most famous for shutting down the government now leads among Iowa Republicans. In other news, Christie is way down, Clinton is way up, and Huckabee is the leader of the Republican pack right now.

This System Needs to Change: Many of these comic book writers and artists had health insurance, but they still have to rely on charity to survive. Rather than blaming comics publishers for this, Comics Alliance smartly questions the whole of America's health care system.

Weirdly, It's Not a Peeing Calvin: Bill Watterson's first art released to the public in almost two decades is a poster for a documentary about comic strips.

I Already Want to Give This an Oscar: Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy are starring in a movie together.

Archie McPhee Is a Goddamned Genius: Their new horse head squirrel feeder is one of the greatest achievements of the decade.

I Can't Tell If He's Joking or Not: President Obama announced the Iron Man initiative this week: