And pointing out that the bi closet is the most effective and harmful form of "bi-erasure" is also biphobic. Here's a comment left on my recent post about the bisexual writer whose own brother didn't know she was bi:

And to everyone who keeps telling me that Dan Savage is no longer biphobic, I give you this post where he again blames bisexuals for people erasing bisexuality. Yes, more out bisexuals would make it easier for currently closeted bisexuals to come out, but let's face facts, whenever a celebrity comes out as bisexual the press (including places like The Stranger, The Advocate, and OUT) says that either they are really gay (see Alan Cumming) or that they are just pretending (see Lady Gaga) Instead of blaming us, why not try helping us?

My response...

I'm not blaming bi people for bisexual erasure. Everyone contributes. But with more than 70% of bisexuals not out to their friends and family members, bisexuals are not blameless. Closeted bisexuals contribute to bisexual erasure and—while calling out the larger social forces that keep 'em closeted—they should be challenged to come out, just as closeted gays were and still are. The main image for for the 1987 March on Washington was a banner that read "Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are." Harvey Milk exhorted closeted gay people to come out while pointing out that closeted gay people, by remaining closeted, were complicit in their own oppression and the oppression of out gay and lesbians. If exhorting closeted bis to come out is biphobic, then Harvey Milk was homophobic.