It's been an interesting few weeks for Seattle's new mayor Ed Murray. First he caused quite a stir in the art and music community by firing James Keblas, the beloved director of the Office of Film + Music. Then he looked embarrassingly disorganized when he overturned the disciplinary findings regarding Officer John Marion, the cop who threatened Stranger news editor Dominic Holden, only to take it all back just days later. And then! Just yesterday his office sent out a press release that mourned the death of a man who is still very much alive.

And we're only two months in? Yikes! To quote commenter DOUG., "Is this performance art? Is Andy Kaufman our mayor?"

But don't get discouraged, Mayor Murray! Everyone makes mistakes. In fact, there are some great songs about fucking up, many of which might bring you some comfort during these tough times. Here are a few suggestions!

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