Mayor Murray Brings Dead Man Back to Life: Oh my God.

Every Cake Has Two Sides: Dan Savage on the bakery discrimination issue.

Every Story Doesn't Need Both Sides: If one of the sides is a terrible bigot.

Bare Minimum: Tim Keck says there must be a way to raise the minimum wage and keep small, independent businesses alive. Goldy argues that Washington restaurants already saw (and survived) an 85 percent hike in the past. The Human Services Coalition says we should move ahead on raising the minimum wage, but that we should also exercise great caution.

This Seems Evil: In Olympia, Republicans casually killed funding to the state's homeless programs.

Why Cars Will Go Extinct: Charles Mudede says it well: "... we live in a world where driving takes time away from other and more interesting activities."

Citizens on Patrol: Guest Slogger Chris Stearns says "We Need a Citizen Board That Can Investigate and Overturn SPD's Police Misconduct Decisions."

What's Going on at Fairview Fanny? Emily Heffter became the fifth woman to leave the Seattle Times in recent months.

Plaque Causes Decay: Jen Graves reviews a plaque outside a Bank of America.

Anarch-ish-ism? Brendan Kiley examines anarchistic (and anarchistic-ish) experiments.

The Blame Game: Danielle Henderson's useful chart of all the things Alec Baldwin says Alec Baldwin isn't responsible for.

You Have Opinions: Is talking on a cell phone in a cafe okay? Which of these two statues is more hideous?

Get Ready: Tomorrow is the Oscars live-Slog, with your host David Schmader.