Russia Approves Troops Movements Into Ukraine: Here's why that's bad.

Venezuela: Had you heard? The country's poor aren't protesting its socialist government (which has cut poverty in half and reduced absolute poverty by 70%), in fact, they're hardly aware of the protests at all. Lest any of you accuse me: That's a call for accuracy and context in journalism, not for an uncritical defense of whatever the Maduro government does.

I'm Glad We Have An Immigrant on the City Council: More than 100 custodians at Harborview Medical Center were denied raises after failing an English test this year. Councilmember Kshama Sawant says, "They are now inexplicably being told that they do not know how to do their job because English is not the first of the many languages they speak."

Will the Boston Bombing Suspect Get A Fair Trial? Doubtful. He's a Muslim terrorism suspect, not a corporate CEO.

Los Angeles City Council Bans Fracking: Hey Seattle and Governor Inslee, how about a moratorium on exploding oil trains?

Hanford Continues To Be A Disaster: "It is time for the Department (of Energy) to stop hiding the ball and pretending that the situation at Hanford is being effectively managed," says Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden.

Speaking of Which, Corporate Profits Are Climbing Higher While Wages Decrease: "The main reason our economy is still weak is that our obsession with 'maximizing profits' is creating a country of a few million overlords and 300+ million serfs.

Adviser Told Hillary Clinton "Be Careful To 'Be Real'": I'm sure they said they same thing to Mitt Romney. Good luck with that...

"I guess Kent's the new South End, and the South End is the CD, and the CD is just a thing of the past." Seattle rapper Draze on gentrification: