Boeing Made $5.9 Billion Last Year, Gets A Tax Refund of $199 million: Pure fuckery.

Talk of War in Ukraine: The new pro-Western government calls Russia's invasion of Crimea "a declaration of war" and is putting its troops on high alert.

Washington House Can't Pass Minimum Wage Hike This Year: So says House Speaker Frank Chopp. Democrats: Telling you what's not possible since the 1970s.

Local Chickpea Farmers Boosted: By growing national demand for delicious hummus! Yay!

Pro-US Afghan Journalist Says US Soldiers Abused Him: "They treated us inhumanely even though we were very pro their presence, and pro-government," says Qazi Nasir Mudassir, a radio broadcaster. Support the troops.

LAPD's Military-Grade Surveillance: The hook of this article, that NSA spying pales in comparison, doesn't hold water. But "terrorist and insurgent activities have a distinct parallel to urban crime," wrote two researchers facilitating an exchange of surveillance technology between the Army and police—and that's scary.

Virtual Reality Prototype Developed by Valve in Bellevue: So this is what they've been doing instead of shipping Half Life 3? I can dig it. "The use cases for these devices are almost literally infinite," says a developer who tested the device out. "This is the future. Tron is the future."

The Drug War: Former DEA agents suggest the bloodless capture of notorious Sinaloa cartel leader "El Chapo" Guzman last week was pre-packaged for the media. "There will be a continued flow of Chapo Guzmans," says one.

The Dalai Lama: "Strictly speaking, I am socialist," he says. But during a visit to the right-wing American Enterprise Institute, the Tibetan monk suggested he sees some value in capitalism, with a caveat about any entrepreneur's motives: "It should be wise selfish, not foolish selfish. If you take care of others, you get more benefit."

Comcast doesn't give a fuck: