Thanks, Science! Has a second baby been cured of HIV?

Paul Ryan Connects the Dots: Paul Ryan, who was America's second choice for vice president of the United States in 2012, says the best way to solve the Ukrainian crisis is to get the Keystone Pipeline up and running. I guess the poor guy only has one or two bullet points running around in his head at any one time.

Nobody Reads Anymore, Anyway: The SAT is dropping its essay requirement and returning to a 1600 top score. They're also getting rid of the five-dollar words.

Out in the redesign will be “SAT words” that have long prompted anxious students to cram with flashcards, as the test will now focus on vocabulary words that are widely used in college and career. The College Board hasn’t yet cited examples of words deemed too obscure, but “punctilious,” “phlegmatic” and “occlusion” are three tough ones in a College Board study guide.

The Center Cannot Hold: Central District News blog is shutting down.

But the Original One Is Perfect: Stephen Spielberg reportedly wants to remake West Side Story. While I think Spielberg would be a great director for one of these big, brassy musicals, I think the definitive cinematic statement on West Side Story has already been made.

Where the Hell Is Nipton? I am very excited about Greenfriar, a new environmental blog that promises to publish more writing in the spirit of Edward Abbey. There's something to be said for Grist's straightforward, depressing approach to environmental journalism, but I've been thinking for a long time that someone needs to bring the joy back to environmental writing. This is a good start in that direction.

Hooray for the Internet! This Star Trek: The Next Generation/Wolf of Wall Street mashup is pretty great: