CIRCA 1968 Rearrangeable sculpture by Doris Chase (1923–2008).
  • Courtesy of Abmeyer + Wood
  • CIRCA 1968 Rearrangeable sculpture by Doris Chase (1923–2008).

Doris Chase was a housewife and a native of provincial Seattle who taught painting to socialites in the evenings. She was also a born experimenter who wanted to work in the tough, heavy materials of metal and wood—and later, in the avant-garde medium of video and computers. Born in 1923, she waited until 1972, when both her sons were grown and out of the house, to divorce her husband, move to New York, take up residence in the famed artists' quarters of the Chelsea Hotel, and become the full-time artist whose work became collected around the world, including by the Museum of Modern Art, which today presents her videos as canonical.

In Seattle, Chase is known little if at all...