• Kelly O

Holy shit! Guess what? Slog and Line Out are finally moving in together! Well, that is, Line Out is moving in with Slog. Because Slog has a much nicer house and we think the neighborhood might be better over here. Line Out will also be taking Slog's name—kind of. They're traditional like that. It'll be called Slog Music.

Starting today, all music and nightlife posts will now live on Slog, and we'll be discontinuing the name "Line Out." If you'd like to read just music posts, there will be a handy MUSIC tab to aggregate all that stuff into one sweet feed. The Line Out archive will remain intact, and the url will redirect to Slog Music.

We're really excited to bring the party over here, and I hope you'll welcome all the smart, hilarious, super-talented music writers to the feed.

The move will go down at noon today. Have a wonderful Wednesday!