Check out Dude York's new video for their song "Canninbal" from the local trio's recent LP Dehumanize on Help Yourself Records. Fun facts: Two teeth (different teeth in different mouths) were chipped in the filming of this video, and, after nine hours of filming, the building manager of the apartment this was shot in politely texted, "OK with the art project and everything. But don't you think the drumming is a bit much?"

Dude York will be playing the Penumbra Beer Bash with Broken Water, Chastity Belt, NighTraiN, and the Shivas on March 29 at King's Hall. (And for you beer-minded peeps, at least 26 breweries—including Crux Fermentation, Silver City, Stoup, Standard Brewing and many more—will be showing off their suds.)

One more thing: remeber when the Onion did this?