Seattle soul singer Shaprece has merged with ambient electronic producer IG88 to make a tropical rainforest of beats and steam. Digital rain lands on the largest of leaves, the ones you can form into chutes and drink from. Shaprece forms the chutes rightly, pouring the purest archipelago water. Let us drinketh with ears from the siren Shaprece. Phil Peterson (A$AP Rocky, Santigold) and Daniel Butman add orchestral touches of strings and arrangements. A Shaprece full length will be out at some point. "Tell Me" and "Her Song" dropped recently and are here to quench. Altered, looped vocals begin “Tell Me,” then grow vines through the rest of the composition. Shaprece spoke from the tropics of the Mt. Baker, 206 region.

Tell me, how did you construct the vocal loop for “Tell Me”?
IG88 was mixing another song off of the record at the time, and for some reason, what we were working on inspired my first melody at the begging of the song. We started there and continued to stack vocal layers, using Ableton. By the time we were finished, we had a pretty solid production made completely out of digitally altered vocal stems. I also wrote and recorded the lyrics and vocals that day. Then we took the song to Phillip Peterson and Daniel Butman. They arranged cello and violin layers which helped fill out some of the gaps that the song had, and voila, "Tell Me" was complete.

Shaprece plays this Friday, March 7 at Neumos with Flavr Blue and James Apollo.