Claire Carter at the Telegraph writes:

The Tats steak and cheese is what civilization looks like.
  • Kelly O
  • The Tat's steak and cheese is what civilization looks like.
Sandwiches have been banned from an officers’ mess after a commander noticed many soldiers were eating them with their hands as he insisted “a gentleman or a lady uses a knife and fork.”

In a letter to soldiers under his command, Major General James Cowan said that sandwich-eating and other “frankly barbaric” habits needed to stop.

The note, addressed to ‘Chaps’, said: “Quite a few officers in the divisional mess seem to be under the impression that they can eat their food with their hands. The practice of serving rolls and sandwiches must stop,” the Sun reported.

Major Cowan could not be more wrong about sandwiches. Eating with a knife or fork is not a sign of civilization. Sandwiches are far more civilized than hacking animal flesh to pieces with a blade and shoveling chunks of meat into your mouth with a tiny pitchfork. For every sandwich, you have to bake bread and craft the ingredients to fit in an edible container perfectly designed to fit in the human hand. Have you ever seen a dog eat a sandwich? They don't understand them. They make a mess of them. That's because sandwiches are for human beings. They are perfect examples of everything that is good about civilization.