Sometimes the chorus of a song lodges itself in the folds of your hearing brain and stays there, yearning to be played, over and over. The chorus in Kairos’ “Can/Cannot” is this kind of chorus. Lena (the Machina) Simon sings rich and vivid, yet slightly diffused. Like a dream you’ve had of a field. The song is a free download, and is from Kairos’ forthcoming Fin Records EP. Lena spoke, from a huge field.

What is it that you can and cannot do?
I can’t forgive you for the things that you did. I can forgive you for the things you made me make. It’s a song about letting go and forgiving. With every experience, good or bad, there’s a lesson to be learned.

You’re playing all the instruments. Drums, everything. Walk me through the steps. What did you record first?
I play everything on the album except a couple keyboard and bass things. I recorded drums to the demos I made previous to the studio time. Then probably did key bass. Then keyboard pad sounds, then guitars, vocals, and more keys probably. The drums are modeled after the Fiona Apple cover of the Beatles’ “Across the Universe” that was recorded for the Pleasantville soundtrack. I love the general vibe of laziness and lethargy of that track.

If you listen closely to that Fiona Apple version, there are two tracks of drums.
Yup, double drums. Jon Brion’s production on that is ridiculous. Drums panned in different ears, different kits, and different takes.

Lena, I think your nine string bass is a little much though. I wanted to break it to you easy.
I will NEVER touch a bass with more than four strings.

But how will you do Jaco Pastorius covers?
Never means never.