15 Now? Everyone is talking about the epic Town Hall meeting on minimum wage last night. Our own Anna Minard stayed for the whole thing, and her tweets about it are so great.

Dom Doesn't Think $15 Is Possible Without a Phase-In: But Sawant waffles on the question.

I'll, Uh, I'll Be Guilty For That Other Stuff: U.S. Army General Jeffrey Sinclair, accused of sexual assault, will plead guilty to possessing pornography and having an affair, but not to allegedly forcing junior officers to perform oral sex. Meanwhile, a military sexual assault bill is headed for a Senate vote.

Fishing For Justice: American Indian Tribal members arrested for fishing under treaty rights will get a chance to clear their criminal records. "It's the closest this branch of government can come to an apology."

Baby Possibly Cured of HIV: Three years after she was given high doses of antiretroviral drugs, a little girl in Mississippi shows no signs of the virus. This article also mentions "Berlin Patient" Timothy Brown, who found a bone marrow transplant seemingly cured his HIV in 2007 and was still HIV-free in 2012.

We've Got More Jobs: But only because we were really fucking wrong about how many jobs we'd lost.

She Said She Did It: A former city employee in Bellevue is being investigated after allegedly stealing $117,000 to fund her gambling habit.

I Stole So Many Jelly Bracelets: A judge ruled that a Texas man can be tried as an adult for his childhood crime...of dousing another child in gasoline and lighting him on fire. Oh, okay—we're not talking about skateboarding in the mall or anything. The victim died 13 years later.

Mudslides Are Wiping Out Houses: And might fuck up the road budget.

Your Phone Bacon Is Ready: I'm not okay with this.

Community Colleges Are Getting Rid Of The Word "Community": So that more people will know they offer four-year degrees. This is a terrible idea.

But What About Their Tails: A German prince thought strapping rockets to cats would be the best sort of warfare.