By now, you probably know that together, Prometheus Brown (of Blue Scholars), and Los Angeles rapper Bambu are The Bar. The two have announced the March 11 release of their second album-length collaboration, Barkada, which they have excellently summed up as such (links, and emphasis added for optimal swug):

Barkada... follows in the tradition of two rappers with their own respective accomplishments colliding to bring the best of both of their worlds to one project, similar to El-P & Killer Mike's Run The Jewels and Kanye West & Jay-Z's Watch The Throne, but with .0001% of the budget and resources and 100x the swug. But as Filipinos have done for more than a century, Pro Brown & Bambu have learned to take America's scraps and turn it into something colorful that everybody can ride with. Like a jeepney.

In advance of the album's release, the duo have posted a video for album single "Coming (to America)." The song was helped by a crack team of Seattle producers: The Physics' Justo (who made the beat), and DJ Nphared (who directed the video). Style-shifting once again, Justo's instrumental twists the "Soul Glo" sample into something that sounds kinda street. The video was shot in the Kalihi neighborhood of Honolulu, and is packed with the family-first, strong community essence (and a touch of food-spitting humor) that The Bar has always stood for.