Sex.wav is a newish indie/goth monthly at the spooky old Mercury—but don't worry, you don't have to be a member to get in this time. (But hot damn, I do wish people couldn't smoke in there—it's a private club, you know, and in these days of smoke-free venues, it's overwhelming.) However, I would deeply encourage you to stick to the "no jeans, no flannel, no basic bitches need apply" tradition of the place, because people at this event DRESS LIKE TOTAL FLIPPIN' FAGULOUS FREAKS. Tonight has a theme, of course, and it is confusing. ("Cradle to Grave," a combination of adult babies and goth ravers? Okay, fine by me.) Sex.wav features the creative brains of Cherry Sur Bête, the marvelously scary shock queen Monikke Shame, Rusty Nails, and Hilt TrollSplinter. Our friend Cherry insists that the spirit of the event can be summed up in this little poem called, "Torment Above and Beast Below" by Derek Spoonmore:

In bed/Above/We're deep asleep/What greater love lies further deep/This dream must end/This world must know/That we all depend on the beast below/Above the beast and below the skies/Lies the world that we all never knew/Torment above/Beast below/In this hell/Did we ever know/What lies with us/Heaven only knows.

Music by Ill Camino and Ozma Otacava. So there you have it. Mercury, 9 pm, $5 nonmembers, 21+.

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