Ah, Beef Day. The annual rite of spring that brings everyone in our state capitol together around a shared belief in meat-based gluttony (when it's made possible by a generous donation from Tyson Fresh Meats in Pasco and the grilling skills of the Washington Cattlemen's Association).

As longtime Slog readers know, we've been closely monitoring Beef Day ever since 2010, when we learned that "you don't win friends with salad," and that this state taxes its cattle at a rate of $1 per head to fund the Washington Beef Commission.

Beef Day was soggy in 2011. It was a little windy in 2012. A drone buzzed the crowd in 2013, in some sort of bizarre synergy between meat and Boeing's efforts to keep regulations off its drones.

This year, Sen. Brian Hatfield asked forgiveness for his controversial drone tactics and kept it safe by going into "Beef Mode" to talk about the Superbowl-winning Seahawks while also sharing the news that "there are 1.1 million cows in Washington State." Beef Day!