If you thought Panevino on Broadway was in need of correction, you’re not alone: It’s now called Corretto, and it's run by Travis Rosenthal, the owner of Tango/Rumba, with coffee during the day and a trattoria menu with fresh pasta later. (Caffe corretto is an espresso “corrected” Italian-style, with grappa or the like—and it is SO GOOD.) Rosenthal says in terms of Italian experience, he helped open the Il Fornaio in Pacific Place back in the day, and was also at Piatti in University Village, so there's that. There will be a new sign soon, and they'll be doing some remodeling with the help of the apparently ceaselessly busy Patric Gabre-Kidan (see below).

And back within the two-block radius, the Rhino Room opens in approximately NOW. This is the long-awaited, shockingly-concept-free Capitol Hill bar brought to you by Patric Gabre-Kidan (formerly front-of-house/business-side-guy at the Book Bindery and various Ethan Stowell spots) and friends (including former Big Mario’s and Summer Dog people). The working title was Big Fun. From looking in the windows—which they left un-papered-over during the whole remodel, so you could see the progress, which was neat—it contains a namesake glittery rhinoceros, a gold-leaf wall, and kingly booths. There were rumors of food, which I will dutifully investigate... it looks great and it has drinks. Say, it's cocktail o'clock!